Grey’s Anatomy: 13×24 – Ring Of Fire


The doctors’ lives are at risk after a dangerous patient escapes the hospital room. Alex must make a hard choice in his relationship with Jo while Meredith has some big news for Nathan that brings things to a turning point.

Otherwise known as Jackson and his 3 women.  Somehow in the midst of a rapist on the loose, Jackson manages to entangle himself with his ex-girlfriend, ex-wife and, presumably, future lover.  It was admirable how intent he was on finding Edwards (no doubt through some lingering feelings of guilt) but then the writers choose now to spring a new love interest on him completely out of left field?  Yes I know Jackson and Maggie had a wonderful moment on the bench outside the house in the episode where her mother died but all of a sudden they have ~feelings~ for each other?!  What was that whole Jackson/April episode about a few weeks earlier then?!

And never mind searching for the missing Edwards, how about sending out a search party for the missing Jo.  I mean talk about going AWOL?  And that whole Alex hunting down Jo’s ex-husband storyline from the previous episode?  Well didn’t that just get shoved to the side.  I mean I like the fact that Alex didn’t actually do anything rash which would have gotten him into trouble and I know this is meant to show character growth but how about at least a scene where he tells Jo that he saw him and they decide on what to do about it together?

The previous episode was such a fantastic build-up the finale was bound to be an anti-climax but I am disappointed on just how much was left open-ended.  The fact we never got to meet Megan was clearly a tactical ploy by the writers to a) leave the audience wanting more and b) take the summer to nail the perfect casting for that pivotal character but I mean we didn’t even get a reunion scene with the little girl and her irresponsible father!

There were good things about the episode: I’ve never felt anything for Edwards but I’ve actually grown to like her the back half of this season and clearly they were just building that up to write her out which is a shame.  I’m glad that she at least gets to exist the show gracefully and heroically and ALIVE which is a rare thing in Grey’s Anatomy world.

The thing I loved the most though was Meredith’s reaction to the news that Megan was alive.  It was completely and utterly selfless the way she kept her head straight and thought all about Riggs throughout the whole thing from going straight to the hospital to tell him, making sure he was physically okay and then jumping for joy with him once he’d digested the news.  No doubt there will be copious fallout and angsty feelings and love triangle-ness in Season 14 but I have to really admire Meredith in this episode.

No cliffhanger alert on this since the main focus of the show ‘did Edwards and the girl survive the blast’ was tied up but talk about lots of loose plot strings to start next season with ……


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