Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 2×12 – Abominable


The International Response Team searches for the killer of a woman on a yoga retreat in Nepal, and Monty goes on his first international mission with the team.

Whilst I have enjoyed this season as a whole, unfortunately I think episodes like this only support the network’s decision to cancel this show.

I am already prone to disliking any episode that is based around a theory that the victims were killed due to a “monster” or religious ritualistic ceremonies and this one was all about the former.

Monty is obviously stereotyped as that intelligent but geeky individual that doesn’t do well in the outdoors and believes in conspiracy theories and ends up out in the field for the most tenuous of reasons.

The whole episode is about the FBI trying to disprove the Yeti theory which we all know isn’t a real thing so the whole human Vs animal evidence was just yawn-worthy.  There was a lot of wandering and tracking in the forest which I was tempted to fast-forward through.  Throw in a monk preaching about karma and this all being Mother Nature’s “will” and you’re left with a recipe for one of my least favourite episodes.

The fact that the victim was apparently pregnant with the child of her dirtbag yoga instructor never went anywhere and bringing in Charisma Carpenter for two scenes was such a waste unless it was tactical – usually I see her name in the credits and automatically presume she must be the baddie ….

PS. Coffee mugs on the table when the plane is about to take off?  Really?!


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