Ransom: 1×11 – The Castle


While playing a new smartphone game, five teenagers are lured into a trap in an empty castle in France, and Eric and the team are called in to negotiate their release.

This episode had some very current themes at the heart of it: friendship and cyber bullying.  However, the execution of it was waaay over the top.

A group of young adults from different countries are lured to a castle in France by way of a Pokemon Go type mobile phone game.  The castle then locks down and they are trapped in there, fearing for their lives until the individual responsible for the cyber-bullying owns up and confesses.

Of course Eric instinctively knows what is really going on and takes things into his own hands without any thought to his safety as he does every episode much to the disgruntlement of his estranged wife.

The writers went too far with the cheese when at the end the girl responsible for the bullying offers friendship and hugs to the victim.  I get it, you feel bad but moments before he was pointing a gun at you and had nothing to lose by pulling the trigger.  In reverse, the bullied boy with no real friends and a terminal illness is willing to accept friendship from someone who cyber-bullied him and caused him so much pain he attempted suicide even though he only has months to live.  SERIOUSLY?!  You really expect me to believe that two teenagers who came close to killing each other one way or another would really be able to kiss and make up just like that?!  Please.


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