Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 2×13 – The Ripper Of Riga


The International Response Team travels to Russia when an American ballerina is kidnapped, and Jack tangles with an ex-KBG agent who escaped from prison.

Last episode had a Yeti and this episode has a clown.  Not a great start.

Given everything in the news, there is a certain amount of irony that this episode was based around the FBI and the Kremlin “working” together, right?

The episode started slowly and I didn’t like how most of it was in the dark which made it hard to see what was going on.  It got kind of interesting when the ex-KGB murderer set a trap and broke out of prison and everything that followed was what you would expect from a finale. My biggest wish is that they had had this plot play out over two episodes.  It felt really rushed and the “threat” wasn’t as scary when you knew there was only ten minutes left of the episode for it all to play out in.

The finale may not have been surrounding Jack having to save his son from his undercover gig like I imagined the season had been building up to but Jack having to rescue him did happen in a different way.  I am certainly glad that they brought Ryan back to play a part in the finale but the biggest plothole of the episode has to be why wasn’t Jack wearing a bulletproof vest when he went to save his son?  I mean come on writers!

The ending was a typical Criminal Minds-esque family and team gathering and a perfect way to round off the show.  Jack’s wife Karen was a fierce Mama Bear in this episode and I am sure that the number of children Jack and Karen have keeping multiplying every episode.  Seriously, how many do they have?!

Teamwise I really am going to miss these guys.   The scene near the start of all of them in their hoodies and PJs unable to sleep was cute and made me realise how much I have grown to love this team.  The first season was a bit rocky but the team and show has really melded this season.  I’m sad that the end is here.


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