Spotlight: 10 Fleetwood Mac Hidden Gems

Having seen them live this week, I think it’s fair to say that I am on a bit of a Fleetwood Mac kick and whenever I dig through their discography I am constantly astounded by the number of strong non-single album tracks they have that I absolutely adore and yet no one (at least no non-fans) know about.

So “Hidden Gems” means no Dreams, Rhiannon, Little Lies, Tusk, Don’t Stop etc.  No matter how much I love those songs (and I really really do!), it’s time that some of their lesser known gems get their chance in the spotlight!

 10. Twisted (Twister Soundtrack)

You live for the danger,
Oh like your passion and your anger, you don’t let go
You like to be twisted, by the force
You like to be shaken by the wind

A great Stevie and Lindsey duet from the soundtrack of one of my favourite films.

9. Keep Me There (Rumours 35th Anniversary edition)

Keep me out of your heart
Throw away the key
Don’t leave me in the dark

I need you here with me

On the special anniversary edition of Rumours, there is this gem of a song.  The famous riff which ended up being the most famous part of The Chain?  First made its appearance in this song.

8. Save Me (Behind The Mask)

I should’a known better
I should beware
‘Cos I have followed you
Done everything for you
But you just won’t look my way
So come on baby and
Save me

Every awesome rock song should have a great guitar solo in the middle.

7. Heart Of Stone (25 Years – The Chain)

Oh I have seen
Such madness in the air
Just like a dream
It makes no sense anywhere

I just love Christine and Stevie’s voices blending in the chorus.

6. Isn’t It Midnight (Tango In The Night)

So cool, calm and collected
You had a style, a rakish style
Well my poor heart never connected
You’d stay so long on my mind.

Tango In The Night is the first ever Fleetwood Mac album that I heard and as such it has a special place in my heart.  It would be remiss of me if I didn’t include at least on track from there on this list so here’s a wonderful Christine song with some kickass Lindsey guitar work.

5. Sooner Or Later (Time)

I thought I’d let you go
In my heart and in my mind
And look towards the future
Leaving the past behind

Well maybe it’s the season
That season of the year
Defying all my reason
I just want you to be here

The intro and verses are quite dark and mystical, with a catchy chorus.

 4. Destiny Rules (Say You Will)

When I see you again,
As I always do
It appears to me that
Destiny rules

My second favourite song on the Say You Will album.  I love the story that the lyrics tell and the melding of Stevie’s voice and Lindsey’s guitar.

3. Nights In Estoril (Time)

Well there will be times
When the memories fade
There will be words we’ve said
We just can’t take away
I’m only saying
That as time goes sailing on
Nothing is forgotten baby
Nothing is really gone

This song is so catchy  from the instrumental intro …. Pure Christine magic.

2. Skies The Limit (Behind The Mask)

If I’ve been acting a little strange
And you have noticed it too
It’s ‘cos my life has been rearranged
With the presence of you
The sky is the limit now
We can hit it on the nail
And when we do
I’ll think about you

This is such an upbeat, happy, positive song.

 1. Thrown Down (Say You Will)

He fell for her again, she watched it happen
Every day– day by day
But more important– night by night
She watched it all come into play
He held her hands, she listened to what he had to say

Thrown down… like a barricade
Maybe now he could prove to her
That he could be good for her
And they should be together

My #1 hidden gem is Thrown Down from Fleetwood Mac’s 2003’s Say You Will album.

I know what some people say: “This album is just not as good as it’s missing Christine McVie” / “How could you possibly choose one of their modern songs to be number one?!”

Well to those people I say: I LOVE this album.  It is the one I have played most obsessively in recent years according to my Last.FM stats.  It is fresh, it is new and whilst mostly uncredited, Christine does actually contribute background vocals on a lot of the tracks!

Anyway, back to Thrown Down – I just love everything about it from the lyrics, the story (Lindsey&Stevie’s love story) to the way Stevie and Lindsey’s vocals blend together …

It is the #1 song I would most love to see them play live (but probably never will).


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