Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie – Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie (2017)


Fleetwood Mac are, without a doubt, my favourite band, no question about it.

When my Dad first learnt to drive, not until I was in my teens, he used to play the Tango In The Night cassette nonstop in the car and I knew every word.Β  Soon after that we went to see them live during the Say You Will tour.Β  I don’t remember much about it apart from the fact that Earls Court is a god awful venue and I’m so glad they tore it down.Β  Unfortunately I didn’t appreciate the concert as I only knew one album and obviously they hardly played any tracks from it as they were promoting their newest release and I remember my Dad saying that the band wasn’t the same without the “other female singer”.

Man I wish I could go back in time and relive that concert as I actually love Say You Will and now when they tour, they don’t play any songs from it instead focusing on their old hits (don’t get me wrong, I also love that).

When I started university I began to discover music in a big way and I devoured Fleetwood Mac’s back catalogue and Stevie Nicks’s solo albums of course.

I have seen them on tour twice since that first time and I love hearing them play all the old songs I know and love, especially now that Christine McVie is back …… but I still want a new album (and not a tatty EP!).Β  Unfortunately Stevie Nicks has pretty much ruled out all hope of new music so I was so happy to hear that, as much as I love Stevie, Lindsey and Christine said “screw it, we don’t need you, we’re going to release our own album.”

And they’re right, they don’t need her.Β  Every review I’ve read obviously touches on the absence of Stevie Nicks, often saying that there is something missing without her presence on the album.Β  Well obviously there is something missing: there is no mistaking Stevie’s voice and if you’re hoping for that then obviously you’re going to be disappointed. However, Fleetwood Mac have made music without her before and they are perfectly capable of doing it again.Β  The only disappointment on this album is that they didn’t market it as a Fleetwood Mac album, especially since Mick Fleetwood and John McVie feature on this “duet” album.

Slowly breaks the dawn today
Heralded by the sun
My favorite time of day
Or so I thought when we began
My mind is filled with journeys
Echoed with your smile
No, you won’t take that away from me

Sleeping Around The Corner

I think this was the first song I heard on YouTube before the album was released and I was a bit disappointed.Β  It’s definitely a grower though.Β  It’s very much a Lindsey Buckingham track and it sounds like it’s straight from one of his solo albums.

Feel About You ❀
From the quirky opening to the chorus, this song sounds like it has come from Tango In the Night.Β  It’s such a happy song.

In My World
This has to be a leftover track from Say You Will, right?Β  Such a signature Buckingham guitar sound.

Red Sun
Oh Christine McVie I have missed you and your beautiful lyrics.

Love Is Here To Stay
There’s not a song on here that I don’t like but I think this is my least favourite.Β  It’s just a bit bland.

Too Far Gone
I love the edginess of it and the Fleetwood drum solos …… why isn’t this classed as a Fleetwood Mac album again?

Lay Down For Free
Another bland Buckingham filler track

Game Of Pretend
A beautiful Christine piano ballad

On With The Show
This has to be a song written about Stevie Nicks, right?Β  There’s that guitar riff that first appeared on …. crumbs my mind has gone blank.Β  Points to anyone who can name the track I’m thinking of.

Carnival Begin ❀
And they saved the best to last.Β  A moody Christine McVie song with a kickass guitar solo.Β  Definitely my favourite track of the album.Β  Perfection.


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  1. danielhacker94

    “Sleeping Around the Corner” is actually an iTunes Bonus Track for Lindsey’s solo album Seeds We Sow (Not sure if it’s still on iTunes or not) and it basically sounds like the same track so your assessment is correct! However I find it funny that my two favorite tracks on this album are the two you like the least lol I loved your review of the album though! Fleetwood Mac is also my favorite band of all time

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