One Love Manchester

A month ago I didn’t know anything about Ariana Grande.  Her name was vaguely familiar but I didn’t know about whence she came or her style of music (although I guessed it wasn’t up my street).

Then 22 May happened and suddenly she was front and centre, thrust into the news for all the wrong reasons but I have nothing but respect for her.  At her young age she took something awful and turned it into something good.

So whilst I don’t usually watch concerts on the TV but I sat through this one from start to finish.  Yes, I sat through Katy Perry and Justin Bieber and Little Mix.


Marcus Mumford
Never listened to any of his music before.  Think it was a suitable soft start to the concert after the minute’s silence

Take That
Yeah, okay.  I had no idea that that short dude sang lead vocals – I thought it was always Barlowe.

Robbie Williams
Shame he didn’t get together with his former bandmates for a song.  I have never liked him (more in terms of personality than dislike for his music) but I have new respect for him after he broke down in tears singing Angels at his previous Manchester concert.  Whilst I think the song is grossly overplayed it always gives me chills especially when sung at such poignant moments like this.

Pharrell Williams
This is embarrassing but my MOTHER had to tell me who he was when he came on stage.  Of course I knew his name and recognised his music but didn’t know his face.  He looks RIDICULOUSLY young.  Have been listening to Happy a lot in the past week.

Miley Cyrus
Man she does not stop talking but kudos to her for wearing clothes and not singing Wrecking Ball.

Niall Horan
A One Direction boy going folk?  Bored.

Little Mix
By far the worst act of the night.  PUT SOME CLOTHES ON this is a benefit concert!!!

Black Eyed Peas
Very appropriate song and probably my favourite performance of the night for sheer heart and relevance.

Imogen Heap
Probably not suited for a big arena

Katy Perry
I don’t like you or most of your music but I love the thoughtful photos on the back of your dress.

Justin Bieber
Liked the fact he gave an acoustic performance.  Thought his songs were bearable.  (Also thought with the amount of layers he was wearing he could probably have afforded to lend some clothes to Little Mix.)  But then he started to preach and he got very annoying very fast.

Great performance starting with the Manchester “theme song” cover of Oasis’s Don’t Look Back In Anger <3.  This was the first time I’d heard Something Like This and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

Liam Gallagher
I was wondering when he was going to turn up. Was really hoping for Wonderwall.

Ariana Grande
Yes I really admire her but I’m afraid her music is still not for me.  Well, maybe I kind of like One Last Time.


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