Mike & The Mechanics – Let Me Fly (2017)


This album is a very rare thing – an album from a group that has been around since the ’80s that is quite possibly their best work yet!Β  Yes, you heard it here first – this album not only introduced me properly to Mike & the Mechanics and made me go and discover their earlier stuff, but the album is near perfect from start to finish.

I am aware that the trend is for reviewers and bloggers to frown upon new material from bands that have been around since the ’70s and ’80s and not-so-quietly scoff and shake their heads that their latest record is not as good as the ones produced at the height of their success but sue me, I think Let Me Fly is AWESOME.

None of us are born to be prisoners
But some of us end up in a cell
What if we were born to be winners
Living is the only way to tell
So let me fly, let me fly oh let me fly

Let Me Fly ❀
Love the piano intro to this ballad, the verse and then the soaring chorus and the moment the backing singers come in gives me chills.Β  Some of my favourite pop/rock songs are those that combine a little bit of a gospel choir in their tunes.Β  I dare you not to be singing along and clapping your hands with this by the time you’re halfway through.

Are You Ready
This sounds like something FM would produce and would no doubt make a good show opener during Mike & The Mechanics’s live shows

An upbeat ballad.

The Best Is Yet To Come ❀
Love the lyrics to this

Save The World
Ah, the piano intro

Don’t Know What Came Over Me ❀
This sounds like old-school Journey

High Life
Quirky little number

The Letter
Could be something off a Foreigner album

Not Out Of Love ❀
Another favourite ballad

Love Left Over
If I had to choose a least favourite song on the album, it would probably be this ballad but it’s still beautiful in its simplicity

I’ll Be There For You
This is a really uplifting song both in terms of the lyrics and the melody

Save My Soul
The waves and then the violin intro … Love the chorus to this, and then the guitar solo


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