Toploader – Seeing Stars (2017)


I have a lot of time for Toploader.

I am quite disappointed that whenever you mention their name, everyone goes “oh the band that did Dancing In The Moonlight.Β  Well, actually the band that Dancing In The Moonlight belongs to is King Crimson and Toploader did a very good, very successful cover of that song.Β  But they are more than that.Β  What about Achilles Heel and Never Stop Wondering for starters.Β  And you know a band is underrated when you search WordPress and can’t find a single blog about their latest album.

Anyway, when I saw they had a page on PledgeMusic, I was more than happy to hand over my cash to support them make a new album before I’d heard any of their new material.

Was it worth it?Β  Like most albums, there are some tracks I really like and some weaker ones.

When the day is done
And the demons come
Let’s throw those thoughts away
cos we don’t need them here today

Solid opener and one to get the crowd going at concerts

Roll With The Punches
Jaunty number

Together ❀
Favourite track on the album.

The Things We Do For Love ❀
A nice rocky romantic song.Β  Like the use of the drum beats and piano in this.

Is There A Rainbow
Toploader’s distinctive sound.Β  Shame it gets a little self-indulgent for me by the end

A Moment Of Clarity
A moody, broody number with the lead vocals so high-pitched it is bordering on painful.

Boy Machine
What an odd song title.

The Shape Of Things To Come
I like the use of backing voices

Crazy Dream
After all the “noise” of the previous few songs, this stripped back song is a welcome relief but to be honest I’ve kind of lost interest after the first 4 tracks

A strong track to end the album


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