Rascal Flatts – Back To Us (2017)



Rascal Flatts are one of those bands that I listen to every time they release a new record but hardly any of them stick in my mind.Ā  There are songs I like, maybe even really like, but none that I obsess over and play repeatedly.

At the risk of sounding like a music snob, I think I would have more time for them if they wrote more of their own songs.

Headphones downtown, train outside in the rain
In my shotgun seat right beside me
Country rock and roll, hip hop throwback soul

Yours If You Want It
Solid opener

Hopin’ You Were Lookin’
Very radio-friendly.Ā  I seem to have an affinity for “uh ohs” in backing vocals

I Know You Won’t
Snooze.Ā  You know how I feel about covers.Ā  Much prefer the Carrie Underwood version.

Dance ā¤
Possibly my favourite song on the album.Ā  It does what it says and makes you want to move

Back To Us ā¤
The first song I really liked on first listen.Ā  The others were growers.

Kiss You While I Can
You may not want to but you will end up singing along with the chorus

Pass this doesn’t do anything for me.

Are You Happy Now
Decent country ballad duet with soaring vocals

Hands Talk
This song doesn’t do anything for me.

If I was still making my Summer Mixes then this would definitely appear.Ā  Road trip song.

Love What You’ve Done With The Place

Roller Rink
Yeah, won’t be listening to this again.

Our Night To Shine
Guess they’re using this one to close out their concerts?Ā  I find the group of voices singing rather irritating myself.


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