Criminal Minds Season 13 Cast

There are quite a few shows I have still not finished from the 2016/2017 season and Criminal Minds is one of them.

However, if there’s one thing Criminal Minds can be guaranteed to bring over the summer hiatus is some cast shake-ups!  Remember Mandy Patinkin suddenly disappearing?  Remember when TPTB fired Paget and AJ only to bring them back a season later?  Remember Lola Glaudini and Jeanne Tripplehorn who lasted only a couple of seasons each and Jennifer Love Hewitt who lasted only one season (out of them all I wish she would come back)?  And surely everyone remembers Thomas Gibson getting fired in early Season 12!

So far this summer hiatus has brought:

  • Kirsten and AJ holding out for equal pay which they got (hurray!)
  • Damon Gupton leaving (seems like a nice guy but his character was boring)
  • And now Daniel Henney from the sadly cancelled Beyond Borders being brought onto the mothership!

Really happy about the latest announcement!  If I could have one person from the spinoff join the original team, I think I would have chosen Alana De La Garza’s Clara Seger as she had the most interesting characterisation …. but then I guess they would have to have had renamed the show Rossi & Reid’s Angels!

I hope that other ex-Beyond Borders cast may have the opportunity to guest-star over the next season but if not I am glad that at least one good thing came from Beyond Border‘s cancellation.

PS.  Thinking about next season has made me count how many outstanding episodes overall I have to catch up on – it’s 24 episodes not including Nashville and Quantico, which I’m not sure I’m going to bother catching up on and the Prison Break reboot.


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