Grey’s Anatomy – Season 14 – Kim Raver To Return

This bit of Grey’s Anatomy casting news certainly had me excited.

I was one of the few people who absolutely adored Teddy Altman when she was at Seattle Grace – scroll through the archives and see my posts squeeing over her and Henry’s relationship.  And then whilst we were all on tenterhooks seeing who would survive the plane crash, they ended up getting rid of Teddy in what is possibly the show’s most subtle farewell.

When they name-dropped her in the Season 13 finale, I lived in hope that she might make a guest appearance bringing Megan back to the States.  It wasn’t to be but I’m glad she’s coming back for an arc next season – of course I would be even more excited if they were bringing her back permanently but I guess it wouldn’t work since I think it was made clear the Army is where she belongs.

I am sure there will be some lovely friendship scenes between her and Owen (and Riggs?  I’m not sure if the historic timeline means she would know Riggs?) to look forward to.

Only casting question now is who is going to play Owen’s sister?


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