Criminal Minds: 12×22 – Red Light


Derek Morgan brings the BAU a lead in the case against serial killer and escaped convict Mr. Scratch.

Cliffhanger Alert

After a very mediocre season, this show managed to save itself in my estimation with a strong trifecta of episodes wrapping up the season-long Cat Adams/Mexico/Reid In Prison arc and bringing Scratch back into play.

It takes a special kind of serial killer to go toe-to-toe with Spencer Reid’s ridiculously high IQ and Cat Adams is the only one to have ever come close.Β  I liked their battle of intelligence and kudos to whoever thought of the escape into her imagination to vary the setting from the grey prison to the luxurious ballroom.

Cat and Lindsey being in an explosive hitwomen lesbian love affair certainly explains their connection and why Lindsey was willing to go to the lengths she did to frame Reid.Β  The whole thing started to take a dark twisty turn with the whole “pregnant with Reid’s baby” thing – I loved Prentiss’s explosion of “Are you kidding me?!” because that’s exactly what I thought!Β  I didn’t think the show would take it that far and I was glad when my suspicions were confirmed that it was actually the prison guard’s baby.

As ever the friendship between Reid and JJ is one of the things I love the most about the show and it was right that she was the one to accompany him through one of the toughest mental battles he ever had to endure, and be there to reassure him that prison hadn’t turned him into the monster he feared he had become.

After all the build-up Lindsey surrendered rather too quickly for my liking in the end, no doubt to save time to set up Season 13’s plot arc of the reappearance of Scratch.Β  We got to enjoy a lovely reunion between Reid and his Mum quickly followed by Morgan’s appearance.Β  It was good to see him again but I am a bit miffed that it was clear that he hadn’t been keeping in touch with the team.Β  I mean I know that the BAU have had a lot going on this season but there’s no way that Garcia and Morgan wouldn’t have been in constant contact even if just through phone calls and texts.

Bringing Morgan back to share a text message was a bit of a wasted opportunity.Β  I can only guess the writers decided to do it since Shemar’s SWAT show got picked up and knowing that they wanted to bring him back at some point, they felt they had to do it now or miss the window.

Anyway, it was enough to trigger the now exhausted team into action and cue the epic car crash and season finale cliffhanger that Criminal Minds is known for.

Never since Season 3 has the fate of so many team members been up in the air.Β  Unlike that finale which was a real tizzy, I am guessing due to casting news which has come out since the finale that the only one in real danger of dying is Walker.


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