Designated Survivor: 1×21 – Brace For Impact


Hannah Wells must stop the conspiracy from carrying out a final attack while President Kirkman authorizes a nationwide manhunt for the mastermind behind it all.

Given the events of this season I was terrified which part of the government would get blown up or main character shot in this episode but as it turned out the series finale was quite mild in comparison to the events building up to it.

Agent Wells and the bomb got resolved quickly and in dramatic fashion – I think Hannah Wells was channeling Nikita in these last few episodes because despite being drugged and beaten up multiple times whilst on the ship, she was able to lead a taskforce and then come out a winner in a fistfight with Catalan!

I was scared that she wouldn’t last the season.Β  Maggie Q is the reason I started watching the show to begin with and with most of the season having her going it alone to discover the truth, the setup felt a lot like Nikita at times. I am glad that she is still standing at the end of this episode.Β  I am sad that Jason Atwood was the sacrificial lamb but kudos to the writers for taking the time to show Wells’s softer side and have her mourn him in his empty FBI office.Β  The flashback to their first meeting really made me smile.

I feel like I have been starved of Aaron/Emily moments in the second half of the season and disappointingly the season finale was empty of any significant moments between them although with Aaron back at The White House, no doubt the UST will resurface between the two of them in Season 2.

I am glad that President Moss turned out to be a true ally as I was initially suspicious of his motives when he appeared but the best character growth for me in the whole season was that of Kimble Hookstraten. I love how the writers kept us (and Kirkman!) on our toes debating whether she could be trusted or not.Β  I am sorely disappointed that she won’t be returning for Season 2 – I only hope that we will get her guest-starring for a couple episodes or so.

President Kirkman, Alex, Ritter and Seth are all solid characters that I love.Β  I am sure that for most people the defining moment of this episode for Kirkman was the rousing speech he gave at the end but for me the scene which really highlighted why we all wish we had a leader like him was the way he dealt with Abe Leonard.

This episode did a good job of wrapping up just enough loose ends from this season to give the viewer a sense of closure before dropping the plot bomb which will undoubtedly be the shadow that hangs over season 2 – after all we all know that in many ways cyber-terrorism is more dangerous that blowing up the Capitol.


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