This Is Us: 1×01 – Pilot


Randall finds his biological father; Kevin falls into a personal crisis; Kate finds herself at a low point; Rebecca goes into labor six weeks premature.

I remember being in two minds as to whether I was going to give this show a go when I first saw the trailer and then decided against it due to the amount of other shows in my life even though there has been a family drama gap in my life since Brothers & Sisters and then Parenthood finished.

Anyway, whilst I got through the whole TV season without hearing any particular plot details, I have heard a lot of praise so I finally decided to watch the Pilot:

It was heartwarming and funny, very often in the same scene.Β  I liked Jack and Rebecca but not sure how I feel about a third of the show being about raising babies.Β  I liked Kate but Toby really annoyed me.Β  I liked Kevin but not sure what life after The Manny is going to hold for him.Β  I wanted to feel for Randall and his birth father but just couldn’t get invested.Β  My favourite character in the whole episode was the Doctor and I’m actually sad that he can’t be a regular character.

The last five minutes when the whole set up of the show with the year/generation difference being revealed and the fact that Jack and Rebecca are Kate, Kevin and Randall’s parents did make me go wow.Β  Hats off to the writers for playing that card because it was only when we met the firefighter that I started to guess how all three separate stories were interlinked.


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