Chicago Fire: 5×22 – My Miracle


A dangerous warehouse fire puts truck and squad at risk. Tensions are high for Dawson and Casey when Dawson’s father overstays his welcome at their home. Meanwhile, Casey continues to fight for his first responders bill, Mouch makes a serious decision regarding his future and Herrmann goes to tremendous lengths to make a young boy smile.

Cliffhanger Alert

I have been going through the motions with this show this season watching it simply because I watch the rest of the Chicago shows.  Nothing has really grabbed me – I was never invested in Severide and his sick cancer girlfriend – the setup of that was so contrived.  I am confused with what the hell happened with the whole Severide/Kidd pairing because this time last year it was all about them ….. until all of a sudden it wasn’t.  I felt sorry for Casey/Dawson and losing Louis but I’ve never been actively invested in their relationship.  And that’s pretty much all I remember from this season.

Now we reach the finale and Cruz, who I usually love, is being a dick to everyone especially Mouch.  I can understand him being angry in the last episode but now he’s being plain nasty.  Also I don’t know how suspensions work in the CFD but I would imagine they would be effective immediately …. so what the hell is he still doing at work?

I find Casey/Dawson pretty boring but that’s how I prefer their relationship to be rather than full of roadblocks like Dawson’s father moving in with them.  Whilst I can understand Dawson’s predicament and having to help her father, I can totally understand why Casey wants him gone, especially after that moment in Molly’s.

I’ve never really liked Casey’s political career but understand that it was a good storyline to get plots arcs from.  I liked how he chose to pass the baton on and put his job and family first.

Five seasons in and it’s only natural that Mouch might be thinking of retiring since I’ve been wondering when that would happen from the pilot.

Herrmann is simply Hermann by wanting to make that kid feel better and it gave TPTB the chance to bring in some cameos who I presume are famous people in the baseball world.  Sadly the whole moment was wasted on me.

Up until this point most of this episode has been about the characters and hardly anything involving the Fire part of Chicago Fire.  Then the last ten minutes happen with a massive factory fire and nearly everyone of note stuck inside burning alive.  Even worse, Mouch has a suspected heart attack.  Cue an emotional goodbye from a guilt-struck Cruz to Mouch and Casey to Dawson and then the season ends with a life/death cliffhanger that the show is known for.

I am guessing the premiere is going to open with Mouch dying right?  Even if he and Herrmann get rescued surely there’s no way he could survive in those conditions for that long?  And that touching scene with him and Trudy seemed to be like the writers were giving his character a suitable goodbye.  I know that Casey, Severide, Hermann, Mouch, Kannell are in trouble but what about Otis and Kidd?!  Did I miss something or did the show completely fail to show them inside the factory trying to get out or outside safe?!


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