Zootopia (2016)

Zootopia 1


In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy.

The film opens with what I can only imagine is an analogy on what human school teachers are constantly trying to preach: bullies are bad, it’s better to live in harmony, it doesn’t matter what race (species) you are you can do anything ….. which turns out is actually the plot of the film.  It also turns out this is the nightmare of two rabbit parents who are intent on teaching their daughter to not be amazing and not to dream big.  Judy doesn’t listen to them though and travels to the big harmonious city of Zooptopia to become a police officer.  However, things aren’t as perfect in the city as they seem at first and there is a baddie intent on turning prey and predators against each other.  With the help of her friend Nick the fox, Judy manages to stop the return of the ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ way of life.

I have never been the biggest fan of animated films but one based around animals?  I’ve been wanting to see this since it came out and I am so glad that I did.  I am sure lots of reviewers have rhapsodised about the film’s social and political relevance but I just loved it for its amazing graphics and fantastic puns.  After all the best things about animated films are the little details and inside jokes that keep adults engaged.  Here are some of my favourite:

❥ The population counter on the Bunny Burrow sign whizzing up

❥ Fleetwood Yak, Fur Fighters etc.

❥ The fact that bunnies can call other bunnies cute but no one else can

❥ “We need to acknowledge the elephant in the room”

❥ Lemming brothers bank

❥ The carrot instead of the apple on the iPhone

❥ The whole Gulliver’s Travels element of the chase through Rodent City

❥ Mousy’s instead of Macy’s

❥ “I’m just a dumb bunny but we are good at multiplying”

❥ The animal versions of the Disney films

❥ Sloths at the DMV and Flash’s hilarious slowmotion laugh

Sloth Laugh

Chief Bogo: Life isn’t some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true. So let it go.

Judy Hopps: I thought this city would be a perfect place where everyone got along and anyone could be anything. Turns out, life’s a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.



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