Flashpoint Season 4

I started watching this show during the last summer hiatus and pressed the pause button when the 2016/2017 TV season started but coming back to this after almost a year was like coming back to the embrace of an awesome crime-fighting family (why oh why didn’t I try out this show when it was still airing?!)

I picked up where I left off, about a third of the way through Season 4.  The episodes at the start of the season are a bit hazy but looking at my ratings I thought they were all solid.

I’m sad to see Wordy go as I like him more than the new guy who doesn’t seem to have contributed anything all season.

4×07 – Shockwave – Not one, not two but three bombs and Spike was awesome in this episode.  I love how he held it together even knowing his father was dying and never gave up on being able to diffuse the bomb.

4×08 – Grounded – I love TV episodes which are set on an aeroplane – every good show has one.  If you’re Grey’s Anatomy you have multiple.  This one worked excellently because you could tell it was an actual plane filmed in an actual airport.  Fantastic idea of having more than one hijacker and not being able to tell who the backups one were as they blended into the hostages.

4×11 – Wild Card – I really like how this episode turned the stereotypes on their heads.  Woman has the cavalry coming to rescue her but she deliberately tells the team she is being kidnapped by the wrong guy.  Then you think it must be the unemployed husband that has the gambling problem but it is actually the woman herself.  Nice undercover role for Ed and character development with Sam wanting to lead his own team

4×12 – A New Life –  I LOVE officer Donna Sabine and she gave everything to this episode.

4×14 – Day Game – Shocking to see the unflappable Greg full of emotion when he was being dangled off the jumbotron by the SRU reject

4×15 – Blue On Blue – What an absolutely amazing standout episode.  All of the epic episodes this year seem to have Spike at the centre of them.  Love how he did anything to help Sam’s sister and left clues for the SRU.  Love that he mentioned Lou at the end as well.

4×17 – Priority Of Life – A fabulous episode for Sam/Jules with Jules getting shot and being in mortal danger and Sam having to put the job first.  Poor Greg … I hope he doesn’t relapse and start drinking.


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