Conviction (2016): 1×13 – Past, Prologue & What’s to Come


Hayes revisits a case from her days as an attorney.

What better time now that I’m on a Hayley Atwell run to finish off the one outstanding episode from her short-lived turn as a lawyer.

I enjoyed this show in no small part because of the chemistry between Hayes Morrison and Conner Wallace.  It’s a shame that the American public didn’t feel the same and it was no surprise Conviction was cancelled given its ratings.

It was good therefore to have the series finale come full circle and not only show the first time Hayes and Wallace met and the case that brought them together but also get an innocent man released from prison which was the whole purpose of the unit.

Given what Hayes is known for doing I wasn’t surprised that the show didn’t end with Hayes and Wallace imagining a happy ever after together but after the touching “I Love You”s earlier in the episode to then end with THAT?  Ouch.  Have to say that out of all the ways Hayes had of purposefully sabotaging her relationship with Wallace I did not see her kissing Sam as a way to stop him being fired coming.

On that basis, a small part of me is glad that the show’s not coming back for another season ….


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