The Script – Freedom Child (2017)


It has been three months, THREE MONTHS, since I had new music to listen to and September opens with The Script being back on the scene three years after their previous album.

I was a big fan of their early stuff but had to actually physically go and look up the tracklisting to see if I could recall any of the tracks on No Sound Without Silence and found that the only one I could remember without listening to it was the single Superheroes.

Sadly Freedom Child is more of the forgettable same … except it doesn’t even have a catchy lead single. Not that any of the songs are an instant hit, but why they decided to go with Rain where the chorus goes

And it feels like
And it feels like

is beyond me.

Five albums in and The Script are doing what most bands do and “trying to find new musical direction” when what the listeners (at least this listener) really wants is more Breakevens like it’s 2008 again.  There is electronic noise, reggae, an attempt at rapping and not a whole lot of their classic sound.

On top of a new musical style (read: they sound like Maroon 5) the band has suddenly gone all political on us – yet another thing that Trump has to answer for:

Another protest to another march
Incite a riot, boy – ready, set, charge
Another gun fest, drop another bomb
Another war child, tell me, what the fuck is going on?
Another scandal from the man in charge
Another white collar criminal at large

and shower us with lyrics that make you cringe:

Another day at the weekend
You met a guy named Jack
Gave him the keys to the castle
But he never called you back
You met a guy in vacation
And you were in paradise
Only found when you got home
He had 3 kids and a wife
Swiped right on Tinder
Had a little fun on the phone
You made up but he got so drunk that you had to swipe left, had to send him home

There is something I really like about this album though – the album cover with each shop sign being a track name.  Now that is nice artistic style.

Tracks to ❤:

Arms Open
This ballad is one of the rare highlights of the album.

Rock The World
This is the closest I think The Script get on this album to sounding like The Script I fell in love with.  Catchy rock song and my favourite track of the album.

I like the theme of this song – living life to the full.


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