Chicago Fire: 6×01 – It Wasn’t Enough


The sixth season opens with most of the squad still trapped inside the burning warehouse fire. Chief Boden makes a risky last-minute decision in an effort to save his men. Dawson continues to deal with her father, who has new plans for himself. Brett’s childhood friend Hope visits the Windy City and strikes the attention of someone within the firehouse, while Kidd goes head-to-head with her landlord. Meanwhile, a fire at a high school hits close to home for Boden.

This show just about clung in there on my watching schedule last season but if the rest of the season is as yawn-worthy as this season premiere then I don’t know how long I’m going to continue watching it.Ā  Truth be told if it wasn’t due to my desire to be up-to-speed during the Chicago crossovers, I would have probably dropped Chicago Fire a long time ago.

All that build-up with the epic fire at the end of the last season and no one actually ends up dead or with life-changing injuries?Ā  I’m sorry TPTB you chose to kill my favourite character Shay a few seasons ago but everyone comes out just fine at the end of this cliffhanger?!Ā  That’s just silly.

At the very least I would have expected the writers to try something new now we’ve hit Season 6 but alas that is too much to ask.Ā  Severide is still sleeping around, a random friend of Brett who I really don’t care about is introduced as a new love interest, Dawson/Casey are still skirting around domestic issues and there’s a new arsonist on the loose.

The only thing I really, truly enjoyed was Cruz doing everything to please Mouch to make up for the events at the end of last season.


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