Chicago P.D.: 5×01 – Reform



The district is in a state of change – Lindsay has moved to New York- and the CPD is under scrutiny about the corrupt nature of its institution. Under the watchful eye of the city, the team attempts to bust a gun deal that quickly turns dicey when innocent civilians and children get involved. Tension erupts when Chief Lugo brings in Denny Woods to review the shootout, and Halstead becomes a key player in the outcome of the case.

If you read my review for the Season 4 finale then you’ll know that in many ways I thought that maybe it was time for Lindsay to move on and I like Detective Upton well enough that I was willing to embrace her into the team ….. but I really didn’t feel this episode.

The way they dealt with Lindsay’s departure by having Halstead mope around her flat and stare at a cast-aside photo of the two of them made me almost wish that they had chosen to ignore her disappearance all together.  As far as I know there wasn’t any bad blood behind Sophia Bush leaving so the fact they didn’t her a sendoff which gave the characters more closure is a disappointment.

The case didn’t do anything for me, not least because it brought in two new adversaries for Voight – one within the police and the Alderman.  Same old story.  This wasn’t the first time that the show has tackled race relations but this episode didn’t work for me and felt far too heavy handed.

I seem to be the only one in the fandom who was never in love with Ruzek/Burgess but I am most definitely completely over them now.  I am so glad that she turned him down and seems to have someone else in her life …. at least until she undoubtedly ends up back with Ruzek by the end of the season!


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