Brett Young – Brett Young (2017)


I decided to check out Brett Young as soon as I saw he was going to be a support act for Lady Antebellum’s tour.  Whether I would have tried him out otherwise, I’m not sure.

I am certainly not going to rave about how his debut album is a must-hear or the best thing ever but it’s not bad by any means, and I do have extra respect for artists who write their own songs.

Unfortunately, there are just not that many strong songs and a lot of “fillers”. Hence the 2 stars.  However, I reserve the right to give his album a second pass after I see how he performs live.

Tracks to ❤:

 Sleep Without You
 Close Enough
 Like I Loved You
 Left Side Of Leavin’


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  1. I’ve been meaning to cover this album as well. I’m still unsure how I feel overall, but I do really like “Memory Won’t Let Me”.

    (Btw, thanks for swinging by my site. I’m glad I found yours! I can see you’ve been doing this since 2006…you’re certainly dedicated! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts thus far so keep up the good work!)

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