Dustin Lynch – Current Mood (2017)



I loved Dustin Lynch’s 2014 album Where It’s At.Ā  It followed the very friendly mix of country, rock and radio-friendly sound that Luke Bryan has perfected and I played it a lot more than his debut album, which I kind of think I liked but was hardly memorable.

Current Mood starts off strongly following the same formula as its predecessor but things then tend to slide down after the first four songs.Ā  There is a pleasant interlude in the form of a ballad with Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town and then things get a bit shaky.Ā  Back On It has a bit of an R&B vibe which doesn’t work for me and I definitely could have done without a song comparing a girl to beer.

In summary, if you skip the songs about drugs, alcohol and partying, it’s an okay – but very short – album.

Tracks to ā¤:

ā„ I’d Be Jealous Too
Strong, fun song to start the album off with

ā„ Small Town Boy
The guitar melody is my favourite thing about this track

ā„ Why We Call Each Other
I feel like I’m listening to a Luke Bryan album


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