Eli Young Band – Fingerprints (2017)



I love Eli Young Band’s past two albums.  Looking through my iTunes I can see that I liked every single track on Life At Best and the majority of 10,000 Towns.  It’s a little bit of a shock to me that their discography goes back further than those two hit albums so I’ll be checking those out at some point.

As much as I love their songs, as a band they fly under my radar most of the time so the fact that they had a new album out almost passed me by.

Fingerprints doesn’t compare to its two predecessors which were full of songs I wanted to listen to over and over again.  The bar was set very high and it couldn’t help but fall short (the repetition on Never Again got really old really fast), but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this latest offering.

Tracks to ❤:

Saltwater Gospel
This gem is the best song on the album.  When I first listened to it, the move into the positively bouncy chorus was really unexpected and took me by surprise

A nice rocky number

Old Songs
You can’t go wrong with a song singing the praises of music.

Favourite song of the album.  Really catchy chorus.

Never Land
Upbeat romantic song

The Days I Feel Alone
Strong end to the album


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