NCIS: Los Angeles: 9×01 – Party Crashers



After Hetty turns in retirement papers and then disappears, Executive Assistant Director Shay Mosley arrives in Los Angeles to oversee the team and immediately makes staffing changes. Also, still mourning the death of his wife and living in a trailer on the beach, Sam is adamant that Callen find a new partner.

There’s something to be said about having a time jump and not having to see Sam deal with his raw anguish over the death of Michelle and then there’s basically not touching on it at all.

Sure we saw that he had taken a break from the team and was living life on a beach catching fish and drinking beer all day but other than living life like a beach bum, Sam was really just the same cool dude he was before the Season 8 finale.  I mean I know he’s not the sort of guy to dwell on his feelings but I just expected a bit more angst.

So Hetty has gone AWOL and the team has a new Assistant Director who is exactly how I thought she would be given the character outline I’ve read.  Her assistant is kind of fun being caught between the world of the team and her boss.  Did I some sort of attraction between Mosley and Callen or am I imagining it?!

Deeks getting sent back to LAPD and being given a desk in the dog kennel AND finding out about his mother’s younger boyfriend provided lots of light relief and funny moments.  I’m just always going to be waiting for when Whiting comes knocking…

Casewise the whole “North Korea is going to bomb us” is very current and pulled straight from the headlines but I liked the twist that it was actually just a ploy by Middle Eastern countries to frame North Korea.

Finally, I sense a plot arc based on something from Hetty’s past starting.  Yawn.  Really find it had to get invested in these multi-episode arcs any more.


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