Kelsea Ballerini – The First Time (2015)


I wish I’d blogged about this album when I first listened to it in January of this year so I couldn’t be accused of seeing it through rose-tinted “I just saw her in concert” glasses.  I love every song on it and did so back on first discovery but it would be foolish not to admit that seeing her live didn’t cause my love for it to grow.

Ever since Taylor Swift abandoned the Country universe and Carrie Underwood is making us wait 3 years between new releases, I have been looking for a new female country artist to fill the hole that they’ve left and Kelsea Ballerini has done just that.

She writes her own music, plays guitar, gives us radio-friendly country pop songs that stick in your head and most importantly can actually sing!

Her songs have that whole sassy, female empowerment theme going on whether it’s calling guys on their lies in the insanely catchy XO and Love Me Like You Mean It or learning to embrace your individually in Square Peg:

Everybody gotta be themselves
Everybody gotta dream out loud
Everybody gotta be themselves
Square pegs make the world go ’round

For those looking for a song that wistfully reminisces upon a childhood love then Kelsea has you covered with The First Time, Looking At Stars and Underage and the heartbroken girls can take solace in Stilettos.

No matter what she’s singing about though she has truly mastered the art of the catchy chorus.  I dare you to not have one of the songs below stuck in your head for a week.

Tracks to ❤:

 Peter Pan
 Love Me Like You Mean It
 Square Pegs
 Looking At Stars
❥ Dibs


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