Little Big Town – The Breaker (2017)



I really like Little Big Town but unfortunately only about half of the songs on The Breaker captured my interest.

What I do appreciate is the more grown-up sound that seems to be fast disappearing from country/pop acts that seem to be competing with each other to capture the party vibe.  The closest LBT get to that on this album is Night On Our Side, a song that wouldn’t be out of place blasting out of a car during a roadtrip by the coast.

Another highlight is Better Man, written by the one and only Taylor Swift – I guess songwriting is the token dabbling she is going to be doing in country music nowadays.  Rollin’ is a cheery anthem to sing along to and Don’t Die Young, Don’t Get Old is an understated gem.

This album doesn’t do catchy hooks as well as Pain Killer did but the group’s trademark harmonies are still ever present thankfully.  I definitely enjoyed this album more than I did when I first listened to it a few months ago.

Tracks to ❤:

 Night On Our Side
Better Man

 Don’t Die Young, Don’t Get Old


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