The Brave: 1×04 – Break Out


An American traitor who turned to terrorism becomes integral in preventing the next attack on U.S. soil. When the only interrogator who can do the job is brought in to stop the attack, there is an unexpected breach in the prison where Dalton is stationed.

Four episodes in and The Brave has decided to go all out and give us an episode worthy of a season finale.

Patricia Campbell arrives in Afghanistan to interrogate an American terrorist and the writers gives us a chance to see the “on the ground” team mix with the “intel” team – a scenario which hardly ever happens, or at least that’s what the creators said during the press tour ……

Director Campbell is a bit of a meh character for me so I wasn’t overly invested in her safety or whatever relationship she has with Dalton.Β  Thankfully my lack of interest in her didn’t ruin the episode one bit.Β  It was full of tension from start to finish and I was riveted to my screen waiting to see how Dalton and his team were going to make it out of the prison alive.

Considering that all the action was on the ground at Helmand, it is somewhat surprising that the standout performance of the episode was from Tate Ellington’s Noah back in Ops.Β  I’ve always rated him as an actor since I saw him inΒ Quantico but being able to produce great acting when you are essentially only interacting with a giant TV screen takes skill.Β  I love how he portrayed Noah stepping up to the plate in Campbell’s absence and frustrated that he couldn’t do more to help his boss but at the same time was confident enough to make the hard calls.

Anyway, this show has succeeded in quickly becoming the highlight of my TV watching week.Β  Here’s hoping that there’s a lot of life left in it yet.


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