NCIS: Los Angeles: 9×02 – Se Murio El Payaso


When the daughter of a notorious counterfeiter arrives in Los Angeles, Sam is sent undercover as a financier, while Callen partners with Anna to track the family’s latest scheme

Two episodes into the season and the writers give us this incredibly weak episode.  Some of the things which let it down:

☢ The plot.  What plot?!  It was incredibly weak and felt like that Sam/Dechamps, Callen/Anna and Deeks/Kensi were all working on separate cases.  The only marginally interesting thing was the reveal about who Deeks and Kensi were actually interrogating.

☢ Sam not dealing with his wife’s death.

☢ Agent Dechamps – apparently we have met her before – I can’t remember in what episode for the life of me.  I couldn’t tell if she was being set up to be a new NCIS team member or Sam’s love interest or both

☢ Hetty and her sub-arc.  I really could not care less.

☢ Marsha Thomason and her dodgy American accent.  I have seen her in a few things and like her well enough but man that accent ….

☢ Seriously how long is it going to take for Anna to start her ATF job?!

☢ Director Mosely and her assistant were introduced to the show with great fanfare in the season premiere ……….. only to never be mentioned in this episode.

I get that even the best procedurals need “filler” episodes but the second episode of the season?  Seriously?!


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