Finding Santa (2017)

Finding Santa🌟🌟

Grace is thrilled to be taking over the town’s Christmas parade, but when the man playing St. Nick breaks his arm, she needs to find a replacement, even if the replacement is unwilling.

This film suffered from an affliction which meant that no matter how hard the writers tried, nothing could save it: lack of chemistry between the leads.

They were both likeable enough and lord knows they are both dazzling pretty but I just did not feel any attraction between them and therefore that immediately meant that the whole film felt flat.

Then there’s the fact that the plot is a mess: are you seriously telling me that the only person who can make a half-decent Santa is a 30 year-old attractive young man?!  I mean the whole concept of there being a perfect Santa is in itself bonkers but if we’re running with it then you would at least expect a 60+ year old man with white hair, long beard and glasses and not a GQ model, right?!  And I could cope with the back and forth between the small town and Boston but then all of a sudden the film wants to become a roadtrip movie where they get stranded at a friend’s place in the snow where lo and behold there are cute small kids for Ben to be adorable with and Grace and Ben are forced to share a room.  Pick a trope and stick to it dammit!

I totally understood Ben wanting to shake off the expectations of his father and forge his own career path but it would be a much stronger argument if he actually had a career.  If you’re a failed writer and Uber driver there is no excuse for not being able to play Santa for one week every year!!

Also, I’m sorry to say but I could not stop staring at Grace’s friend.  The actress is just one of those people who are not made for TV.

The best moments came at the very end: I liked the idea of Ben and Grace finding the balance in their respective careers and working together on a book.  Cute fast-forward epilogue as well.

Most eye roll inducing moment: There is no way that painting Grace did of Ben and the children was an actual painting.  I call photoshop!


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