The Perfect Christmas Present (2017)

The Perfect Christmas Present🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tom is “Mr. Christmas,” the guy who can find the perfect gift for that special someone. But when he agrees to help an old college buddy discover his girlfriend’s Christmas wish, he ends up getting too close, and she ends up falling in love with him.

Oh a Christmas film staring cutie Sam Page playing pretty much the perfect guy, yes please!

This film was less fluffy than the other Hallmark films I’ve watched so far and a smidgen more grown-up.  Technically the film is all about borderline adultery but you have to kind of put that out of your head to enjoy it.  Yes the “other guy” is a bit of a self-centred jerk so of course Jenny had to seek an emotional relationship elsewhere and Tom does come clean to Paul when he has to …… except the alpha self-centred former frat-boy doesn’t react as you’d expect and punch his best friend for kissing his girlfriend.  No, he is simply okay with it.  Paul makes a last ditch attempt to win Jenny over (a sweet scene that forces you to start to like him) and when she rejects him he shrugs off their year-long relationship and starts to root for Tom/Jenny.  Yes, not only does he not punch his best friend’s face in for stealing his girlfriend, he has a heart-to-heart with Tom commiserating about their relative Jenny heartbreaks, drown their sorrows together and then plays a key part in the grand romantic gesture Tom makes to win Jenny over!  Yes, that’s right!  The same week that he finds out his best friend and his girlfriend kissed behind his back he does everything in his power to make sure they end up together!  Seriously, no one is that selfless.  If some time had passed I could accept him being so magnanimous about it but seriously?!

I started off liking the premise of Tom’s job but then Jenny raises an important question: is him finding the perfect present for someone to give to their loved one a romantic thing or is it actually aiding and abetting deceit in a relationship?!  Something else you need to not think too hard about in order to enjoy the film.

And for those wondering when Hallmark is going to start being more racially diverse, there is a token black best friend in this film who gives love advice to Jenny.  I say she’s in the film but really we only ever “meet” her via Skype.

That aside, the film is set in Chicago which is pretty much my second or third favourite city in the world and the film starts and ends with a Love Actually-esque monologue so despite my gripes, yes I enjoyed it.

Most eye roll inducing moment: See third paragraph.  Also, there’s no way a small charity like Jenny’s would be able to afford such a lavish fundraising event.


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