Spotlight: Lady Gaga

I have managed to spend a record amount of time avoiding Lady Gaga’s whole musical existence (aside of Poker Face) but I have heard so many wonderful things about Joanne that I finally felt I had to tackle the enigma that is Lady Gaga. The verdict is that she is definitely an artist with two […]

Spotlight: Robbie Williams

Yes I’ve lived in the UK all my life.  Yes I’ve grown up with Take That and Robbie Williams on the radio.  Yes, Robbie Williams’s famous hits Angels, Rock DJ etc. etc. have been blasted at me from all directions.  No, I haven’t actually listened to a Robbie Williams album all the way through.  Yes, […]

Spotlight: Bruce Springsteen

Over the past few weeks I’ve finally accomplished what I’ve been meaning to do for quite awhile: listen to Bruce Springsteen. Apart from the songs everyone knows, I’ve never really listened to his music and blogs are constantly telling me I am definitely missing out!  I am not Springsteen qualified enough to give each album […]

Spotlight: Adele

This evening I should have been at a concert.  Adele.  Wembley Stadium. She cancelled for all the right reasons but I am still majorly disappointed as I’ve never seen her live before, there are rumours that she may never tour again after this and despite being a Londoner I’ve never had the occasion to go […]

Spotlight: Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum are probably my favourite country band. They came onto my radar when I was first “discovering” country music and they only had one album out and I stumbled on I Run To You and then came the obsession with the Need You Now album.  They sort of faded away for me for awhile […]

Spotlight: 10 Fleetwood Mac Hidden Gems

Having seen them live this week, I think it’s fair to say that I am on a bit of a Fleetwood Mac kick and whenever I dig through their discography I am constantly astounded by the number of strong non-single album tracks they have that I absolutely adore and yet no one (at least no […]

Spotlight: Film Scores

Top 100(ish) Film Score Tracks I can’t tell you how many years I have been wanting to make this post for but every time I sit down to listen to my film score collection, I keep getting distracted halfway through and I lose momentum.  Never mind, here is the epic list, finally. (And yes no […]

Spotlight: Peter Hollens

So there I was mourning the hibernation of the Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit fandom now that there are no more films to look forward to when I stumbled upon an advert for Peter Hollens’s Misty Mountains: Songs inspired by The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings album. Half of me was excited to […]

Spotlight: Jack Savoretti

Don’t tell anyone but Jack Savoretti is a bit of a hidden gem that those of us who like to pretend that they know music keep in their back pocket to judge others: “Have you hard of Jack Savoretti’s new album?” “Who’s he?” Cue shaking of head slowly in despair and move on to find […]

Spotlight: Kerry Ellis

If you’re a frequent  frequenter of the West End then you’ll know who Kerry Ellis is and already be convinced of her awesomeness so you can stop reading here. Everyone else, here’s why you should know about Kerry Ellis:     1. She is THE Elphaba. I know that’s a pretty bold statement to make, […]