Soundtrack To My 2017 {Ongoing}

{6 Albums}

Mike & The Mechanics – Let It Fly

None of us are born to be prisoners
But some of us end up in a cell
What if we were born to be winners
Living is the only way to tell
So let me fly, let me fly oh let me fly

This album is a very rare thing – an album from a group that has been around since the ’80s that is quite possibly their best work yet!  Yes, you heard it here first – this album not only introduced me properly to Mike & the Mechanics and made me go and discover their earlier stuff, but the album is near perfect from start to finish.

I just love Let Me Fly – Love the piano intro to this ballad, the verse and then the soaring chorus and the moment the backing singers come in gives me chills.

Some of my favourite pop/rock songs are those that combine a little bit of a gospel choir in their tunes.  I dare you not to be singing along and clapping your hands with this by the time you’re halfway through.

Just wait and see, this is going to be one of my most played songs of 2017

Favourite songs: Let Me Fly, Are You Ready, Don’t Know What Came Over Me

Train – A Girl A Bottle A Boat

I wish that I had all the answers
And I could walk you down your road
For all the times those times you feel like you don’t matter
There’s just one thing you gotta know

Why isn’t there any punctuation in this album title?!

What happened to the original band lineup?!

Were my two initial thoughts when listening/reading about this album.

Probably my least favourite album of theirs

Favourite songs: Play That Song, Lost and Found, You Better Believe

Ed Sheeran – Divide

I’m on my way
Driving at 90 down those country lanes
Singing to “Tiny Dancer”
And I miss the way
You make me feel
And it’s real
We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill

I was not, like everyone else in England seems to be, an Ed Sheeran fan right from the start.

I was put-off from trying him out because I couldn’t understand why a singer-songwriter and ace guitar player would want to insert rap into his songs.  Also, I’m not keen on the constant references to smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol in his lyrics.

But as much as I wasn’t won over by +, I was hooked by some catchy songs on X and Divide is more of the same.

Favourite songs: Dive, Galway Girl, Castle On The Hill, What Do I Know?

Brian May + Kerry Ellis – Golden Days

In the sunshine of this year
I’ll remember your face so clear
If you want we can journey by
Find the treasures of our golden days

I have loved Kerry Ellis’s voice ever since I first saw her in Wicked and find her collaboration with Brian May fascinating although I’m not sure why they have chosen to do some of the covers they have done on this album.

Favourite songs: Golden Days, Love In A Rainbow, One Voice

Little Big Town – The Breaker

Midnight sky overload
Constellations in control
There’s too much freedom to just go home
And it’s too damn lonely to be alone
Magnetic forces pull us close

Little Big Town have yet to produce an album which has completely won me over and unfortunately this one doesn’t crack that nut either.

Favourite songs: Night On Our Side, Better Man, Rollin’

Brett Young – Brett Young

Midnight sk

Yawn.  Boring.

Favourite songs: Left Side of Leaving, Sleep Without You