Train @ Eventim Apollo, London (23 October 2017)

I have to start this review with a little bit of a moan.  Barely three songs into Train’s set and a venue usher tapped me on the shoulder and told me I couldn’t take photos with my camera, only with my phone.  Are you freaking kidding me?!  In what bizarre world does that make sense?!  […]

Lady Antebellum @ The O2, London (10 October 2017)

Concert promoters take note – how you make concert goers happy and give them value for money is provide them with not one but two opening acts who have each put out successful debut albums and could probably, as Lady A said themselves, headline concerts in their own right. An hour after the doors opened, […]

Spotlight: Adele

This evening I should have been at a concert.  Adele.  Wembley Stadium. She cancelled for all the right reasons but I am still majorly disappointed as I’ve never seen her live before, there are rumours that she may never tour again after this and despite being a Londoner I’ve never had the occasion to go […]

One Love Manchester

A month ago I didn’t know anything about Ariana Grande.  Her name was vaguely familiar but I didn’t know about whence she came or her style of music (although I guessed it wasn’t up my street). Then 22 May happened and suddenly she was front and centre, thrust into the news for all the wrong […]

Train – A Girl A Bottle A Boat (2017)

🌟🌟½ I am a big big fan of Train. Let’s circle back to 2004 and the soundtrack to SpiderMan 2.  Nope not the Tom Holland Spiderman.  Nope not the Andrew Garfield Spiderman but the Topher Grace one.  It was around this time that I started getting into music and liked Ordinary by Train on the […]

Jack Savoretti @ Royal Festival Hall, London (29 March 2017)

Jack Savoretti – what a guy. There is nothing he doesn’t do well, whether that be songwriting, singing, whistling, guitar-playing or general performing and that is why I decided to go and see him in concert twice in four months. The venue was different (November was the gig-friendly Eventim Apollo at Hammersmith whilst this time […]

Nashville Cast @ Eventim Apollo, London (18 June 2016)

The music has always been my favourite thing about Nashville so I was so happy to be able to get tickets for when Chris Carmack, Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen and Charles Esten came to town.  I mean who would have thought that a group of country singers are so popular in London that they had […]

Taylor Swift @ The O2, London (11 February 2014)

Last night was Taylor Swift’s final show in her sold out “Red” tour and I was lucky enough to be in the audience whilst she played to a packed O2 crowd. Whilst many fans will claim to be a fan of an artist before they “became famous” in an effort to get some sort of […]

Fleetwood Mac @ The O2, London (27 September 2013)

I know it’s going to come as no surprise to anyone but HOLY CRAP FLEETWOOD MAC BLEW ME AWAY UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY. No concert will ever ever ever come close in my lifetime. I can’t even begin to describe it. Every time they came on stage, Lindsey and Stevie came on holding hands, they hugged, […]

Clannad @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, London (20 March 2013)

On Wednesday I went to see Clannad. For those who don’t know they are an Irish folk band made up of two brothers, their sister (siblings of Enya who was part of the band but left) and their two Uncles. Brian Kennedy was the support act and completely blew us all away. He sand and […]