Grey's Anatomy: 13×01 – Undo

★★★½ When one of Grey Sloan’s own lands in the hospital, Bailey tries to figure out what happened while the rest of the doctors jump in to help. Meredith juggles huge secrets that affect her relationships with Alex and Maggie. While Richard helps Jo with a big decision, April and Catherine clash over the new […]

Grey's Anatomy: 12×09 – The Sound of Silence

Poor old Meredith Grey – she hasn’t exactly had a lot of luck since coming to work at Seattle Grace hospital. She almost got blown up by a bomb, drowns, almost gets shot, survives a plane crash, watches her sister die, watches her husband die – and this is to name but a few tragic […]

Grey’s Anatomy: 11×12 – The Great Pretender

How nice to have a relatively lighthearted, enjoyable episode.  Things I loved: Meredith/Maggie, Meredith/Alex, Meredith/herself, Arizona and Herman bonding, the scene where Herman, Alex and Jo take the piss out of Arizona, Owen/Amelia cuteness, Ben/his brother – finally a chance for Ben to have a storyline.

Grey's Anatomy: 9×01 – Going, Going, Gone

I do not like Avery’s hair. I liked the similarities between this episode and the first season, the fact that Meredith has a nickname, the intern appy which makes you recall George etc. Also the airport symmetry with one of the last episodes of last season when they are all at the airport going to […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×13 – If/When

This episode was perfect! Things which I loved the most: – Alex/Meredith. Hee I love that in alt-reality they would have been a thing because I love their relationship in normal-verse and they are just about the only 2 male/female characters on the show who have never had a ~thing~. I hated that he cheated […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×09 – Dark Was The Night

So I was listening to Snow Patrol’s new album before I went to watch this week’s Grey’s Anatomy (in bed, under layers of duvets and blankets like that would somehow alleviate the trauma), and there’s this track on the album called “This Isn’t Everything You Are”. Well, there’s this verse and chorus in the song […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×07 – Put Me In, Coach

Alex is my hero this season. He is being all the things I knew he was deep down but we only got to see in flashes before. In another world Alex/Meredith would be so awesome together but in this world I love their friendship a crazy amount. And the opening of this episode was totally […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×05 – Love, Loss and Legacy

Favourite episode of Grey’s Anatomy so far this season! You remember what I said last week about Jackson Avery?  Well, his mother – now there’s a character who is interesting.  Can we bring her on as a recurring character?!  I liked her interaction with all the characters, especially when she found out about Meredith and […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×01 – Free Falling & 8×02 – She's Gone

I need to start by saying how completely awesome and adorable Teddy was in this episode. She is like what Arizona was to me in Season 5 and 6 – a pure bundle of cuteness. Teddy >>>> everyone else basically. And then the episodes ….. Information overload. I think the only way to deal with […]