Criminal Minds: 12×03 – Taboo

★★★★ The BAU welcomes back Emily Prentiss as they are called upon to investigate the disappearance of three women. I know it might be a bit early to make such a bold statement but this may turn out to be my favourite Criminal Minds team line-up ever.  And here’s three reasons why: I’d already decided […]

Criminal Minds: 11×19 – Tribute

When former team member Prentiss tracks an international serial killer, she enlists the help of the BAU when she believes the UnSub’s next victim will be on American soil. Emily Prentiss has always been, and probably will always be, my favourite Criminal Minds Agent so I am always excited to hear when Paget is guest-starring. […]

Criminal Minds: 7×23 – Hit & 7×24 – Run

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I am nowhere near at the end of my season finale slog but I am pretty sure no other finale can top the Criminal Minds finale for sheer cuteness and shippiness.  Will/JJ, Morgan/Prentiss, Kevin/Garcia, Hotch/Beth, Rossi/Strauss – I THINK MY HEAD EXPLODED. OMG THE CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will, JJ and Henry […]

Criminal Minds: 7×02 – Proof

(Seriously, how pretty is JJ here?!?!) JJ: Spence, we got to talk about this. Reid: Don’t want to talk about it. JJ: I get it, OK? You’re disappointed with the way we handled Emily. Reid: I have a lot going on, alright? JJ: You, you know what I think it is? You’re mad that Hotch […]

Criminal Minds: 7×01 – It Takes A Village

I can’t think of any other fandom which has canon so heavily influenced by external events.  The team used to keep each other at arms length with a few episodes of team bonding thrown in now and again and then this episode was all like GROUP HUG WE ARE A FAMILY, which is obviously how […]

'… Reunited And It Feels So Good …'

MY CAST Also, I never realised how heavily invested I am in Morgan/Prentiss’ (platonic) relationship until I discovered myself really hoping/looking forward to some serious Morgan/Prentiss angst/fallout (I mean he did hold her whilst she basically bled out and told him to let her die – and he called her “baby”).  I can totally see Morgan […]

Criminal Minds: 6×18 – Lauren

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!  The two amazing CM-quality calibre episodes this season have been the ones where they write characters off.  If we lose one character per episode for the rest of the season does that mean we might have five amazing episodes in a row?  That’s a trade-off I might be willing to make, especially since my […]

Criminal Minds: 6×17 – Valhalla

Well, I knew if I waited long enough Criminal Minds would be able to churn out an episode worthy of my prior-Season 6 love of the show.  Though to be honest, I was so blinded by the adorable Prentiss/team moments that maybe I am giving the episode more credit than it deserves?  How does everyone […]

Criminal Minds: 6×01 – The Longest Night

I wasn’t overly fond of the finale plotwise but the fact they killed Eric Close might have something to do with it as well.  I was looking forward even less to being one episode closer to JJ’s final one.  =/ Morgan/JJ look … I’m sure JJ wouldn’t have taken it personally.  Morgan/Garcia … ouch.  No […]

Rewatch: Criminal Minds Season 4

4.01 – Poor Hotch and Kate!  Love how worried everyone on the team is about each other.  Hated watching the CCTV of Hotch and Kate getting blown up – it looked scarily real.  Kate rambling about cinema/movies.  I never paid much attention to her when I watched it the first time around as I was […]