Nikita: 4×06 – Canceled

I am a massive Nikita fan but I have to say that I never really got into the final season. I don’t know whether it was because they tried to cram too much into too short a time, the fear that everyone was a double or the fact that Nikita/Alex were apart for five out […]

4 Reasons to Love Nikita

The Action Scenes – It confounds me how all the actors do their own stunts. I mean seriously have you watched this show?! As well as the gun fights, explosions, there are so many hand-to-hand fights that I can’t comprehend how they all learn their lines, rehearse their scenes and still fit in the martial […]

Nikita: 2×04 – Partners

First up it was definitely an interesting idea to revisit the case during which Nikita faked her death and made her escape from Division. OF COURSE someone had to get captured/hurt in the process and of course Nikita feels guilty and responsible. Will Nikita ever not feel the need to save the world? Go-Go is […]

Nikita: 1×22 – Pandora

Nikita finale time …  I honestly had no idea what to expect in this episode.  I can’t remember the last time I watched a show where I couldn’t even speculate as to what was going to happen.  I mean usually you are fairly certain that at the end of the day the good guys are […]

Nikita: 1×12 – Free

I love Maggie Q. This was her response to Lyndsy Fonseca talking about the potential for any of the characters becoming involved with each other, including Michael/Alex. However, Fonseca’s co-star Maggie Q (Nikita) suggested that the potential romance [Michael/Alex] would be “creepy”. “It’s hard for me to think that because [Alex is] so young,” she […]

Top 10 Relationships (based on story arcs that aired in 2010)

10. Ship: Jane/Lisbon (The Mentalist) as best exemplified in this fanvid I am still trying to scrub the whole Kristina Frye arc from my brain but it would just be sad if these two didn’t get a mention. 9. Friendship: Meredith/Cristina (Grey’s Anatomy) Pretty much the only Grey’s Anatomy relationship that has lasted 7 seasons.  I […]

Top 6 Unforgettable Episodes of 2010

6. Criminal Minds 6.02 – JJ Garcia: Don’t they understand we’re a family.  That’s why it works because we’re a family.  Do they even care?! JJ: I am thankful for my years spent with this family, for everything we shared, every chance we had to grow. I’ll take the best of them with me and […]

Nikita: 1×11- All The Way

Lyndsey Fonseca totally spoiled me for this episode.  That’s the danger of following the cast on Twitter.  She tweeted about something that happened to a fellow cast member and tweeter and well, it was huge.  However, I had kind of guessed that what she spoiled me for was going to happen sooner or later so having […]