Rewatch: Brothers & Sisters Season 1

1.01 – Kitty/Sarah. Rufus from Gossip Girl!!! Phone conversations galore! And this was back when Kitty/Nora didn’t get on. Also Kitty really can’t cook! Kitty/Justin! Hee mention of wine and drunkenness already! I am very disturbed by the way Kevin eyes-up Justin in the scene in the kitchen when Justin was in his underwear. The […]

Rewatch: Friday Night Lights Season 1

1.01 – OMG the opening sequence! How it tells so much with Tim, Matt/Grandma, Matt/Landry etc.! Tim/Tyra! I am going to see them in a whole new light this time around. The interviews!!! The scouting – it’s like a semi-parallel with Vince with very different outcomes though! [“That dude could be Santa Clause and I […]

Rewatch: Rome

Before Bruno Heller did The Mentalist and before Kevin McKidd did Grey’s Anatomy, there was ROME.  It is sometimes hard to overlook the historical inaccuracies and the horrendous telescoping of events but what other TV show has the largest standing outdoor set ever made and 4000+ costumes for a total of 22 episodes. I also […]

Rewatch: Veronica Mars Season 3

It has been so long since I watched this show I can honestly say the whole thing is like a blur to me. However, what I do remember is that I am the only person in the fandom who prefers Piz (and Piz/Veronica) to Logan (Chris Lowell, I love you). Therefore, I decided just to […]

Rewatch: Studio 60

I totally didn’t give this show enough credit when I watched it the first time around. I think there were bits of it that I did really really love but the rest I just watched because of the cast?  Then of course there was that massive hiatus and by the time the second half aired, we […]

Studio 60

Danny: Graham, you are talented, you are a delight and if I may say so, you are a hot-buttered biscuit. Lauren Graham: Why did you cut my sketch? Danny: I think the thing to remember here is that it was me who cut the sketch. It was predisorial decision involving a number of technical factors, […]

CSI: 7×24 – Living Doll

CSI Season 7 Finale = Worst Finale Ever. It was just boring. Nothing happened. Sometimes seeing it from the criminal’s perspective heightens the suspense but this time it just killed what little zap the story had left. It’s such a shame since some of the best (using that word liberally) episodes this Season have been […]

CSI: 7×20 – Lab Rats

Am slightly concerned that based on the last episode, and the whole shaving scene three episodes ago, CSI is turning into a parody of its former self. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed ‘Lab Rats’. I really did. I love Archie like woah and I think Wendy’s really cool. (Though before this episode I liked […]

CSI:NY: 3×17 – The Ride In

Crazy crazy episode but brilliant. When Mac saw the giraffe walk past at the end? LMAO! And Stella had some of the best lines ever! ‘Smoking kills’ and ‘What are we playing? Who gets cancer first?’ Flack was his usual hilarious self too. For anyone who’s a smoker (which I most definitely am not) I […]

CSI: 7×15 – Law Of Gravity

Let me start off by saying that I have nothing against Grissom. Most of the time. After all I ship him. With Catherine. But as far as I’m concerned, the past four episodes where he has been absent have been the BEST since Season 3 (or parts of Season 5 at a push). I mean […]