Flashpoint Season 2

The start of the season wasn’t amazing for me as the cases just didn’t get me as emotionally invested as all the ones in season one. I missed Jules but liked Officer Sabine.  I kept thinking how the actress looked familiar but it wasn’t until I looked her up on imdb that I realised she […]

Top 10 Relationships (based on story arcs that aired in 2010)

10. Ship: Jane/Lisbon (The Mentalist) as best exemplified in this fanvid I am still trying to scrub the whole Kristina Frye arc from my brain but it would just be sad if these two didn’t get a mention. 9. Friendship: Meredith/Cristina (Grey’s Anatomy) Pretty much the only Grey’s Anatomy relationship that has lasted 7 seasons.  I […]

Top 6 Unforgettable Episodes of 2010

6. Criminal Minds 6.02 – JJ Garcia: Don’t they understand we’re a family.  That’s why it works because we’re a family.  Do they even care?! JJ: I am thankful for my years spent with this family, for everything we shared, every chance we had to grow. I’ll take the best of them with me and […]

House, MD: 6×21 – Help Me

I’ve really liked this season of House …  well, apart from the whole Chase/Cameron thing falling apart (but although I was against bringing her back for that one ep, I definitely think it brought closure to that ship and was glad it happened.  Plus there were some very sweet CC moments in it).  There’s been […]

Brothers & Sisters: 4.24 – On The Road Again

I think overall this season has been pretty weak (I blame the whole Ryan plotline – man did they get it wrong with the characterization/casting there ….).  There were some really good episodes dealing with Kitty’s cancer but then they wrapped that storyline really abruptly.  It probably doesn’t help that I’m also watching Parenthood which is […]

White Collar: 1×14 – Out Of The Box

Oh wow, I LOVE this show! I love all the main characters and, just like Burn Notice, it’s always interesting. Great twist to bring back Marsha Thomson who I know from Las Vegas but by God she does an awful American accent! Seriously! They should have just kept her British accent and invented some excuse […]

Grey's Anatomy: 6×11 – Blink

I can’t believe it’s got to the stage where my favourite characters are actually Teddy, Arizona and Callie.  I mean Callie, Callie, I literally could not stand her when they brought her in.  Arizona I’ve always kind of liked but especially since “her” episode.  And then there’s Teddy …. I loved Kim Raver in Third Watch […]

CSI:NY: 6×12 – Criminal Justice

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to say this but you know what, that was actually a good episode of CSI:NY all round. The ironic thing is that when I read the episode description I was immediately inclined to think that it wouldn’t be (and to be fair the description was a bit misleading because […]

CSI:NY: 6×11 – Second Chances

My God Lindsay was actually IN this episode and she, you know, had lines and interaction with her husband.  It MUST be Christmas. I love Train and I love Pat Monahan’s solo album even more. (A couple of years ago I was so obsessed with Pat’s Last of Seven that I completely overplayed it and had […]