Private Eyes: 1×01 – The Code

🌟🌟🌟🌟 When a pro hockey prospect goes down on the ice surrounded by suspicious circumstances, Shade and Angie must join forces to solve the mystery and save a life. This is show is many things but original isn’t one of them. In fact it is basically made up of key elements of three crime dramas […]

Castle: 5×24 – Watershed

Blood coming out of a shower on an unsuspecting individual? WAIT THAT IS TOTALLY ORIGINAL AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE. OH WAIT, YES CSI:NY DID IT. It was pretty memorable.Alex from Chuck!!!!!!!!!! Wish she had a bigger role.Love that we finally got a Beckett/Lanie scene.  We’ve only been waiting, like, 2 seasons for […]

Castle: 4×23 – Always

Okay so that episode definitely lived up to expectations. Wow. I say it every time but I watch Castle for the big episodes. Castle does the big episodes awesomely. Where to start? RYAN! RYAN! WTF Esposito? Ryan was the only one who had his head on straight. If it wasn’t for Ryan then Beckett would […]

Castle: 4×15 – Pandora & 4×16 – Linchpin

How amazing were these episodes?!?! See, this is a perfect example of my relationship with Castle – I watch for the BIG episodes and sit through the other stuff just because I have to. Anyway, AWESOME episode …. Apart from maybe the last ten minutes….. I LOVE Jennifer Beals. Wasn’t particularly a big fan of […]

Castle: 4×07 – Cops & Robbers

Castle and I have an odd relationship. I watch for the “big” episodes and watch everything in between simply because my OCD self can’t stand to just watch odd episodes of a show here and there. This was a big episode and therefore I loved it because Castle really knows how to do big episodes […]

Castle: 4×04 – Kick The Ballistics

Although I can hardly remember anything about the serial killer story arc apart from the fact he is creepy Hardy-from-The-Mentalist is now Ted on Pan Am, I really enjoyed this episode. In fact I think that if the show was more about Ryan and Esposito than Castle and Beckett I would actually enjoy it a […]

Castle: 4×01- Rise

Okay, so it probably would have been a good idea to have rewatched the finale before seeing this episode. The summary at the beginning wasn’t nearly enough to make me relive what I felt back in May and now everything is rusty. The opening sequence was beautifully done even if I did think things were […]

Castle: 3×24 – Knockout

I’m not as obsessed with this show as everyone else but wow they do the “big episodes” well.  That’s when they really deliver, that’s why I keep watching. I don’t think I breathed during the opening ten minutes.  Wow. Sidenote: Does anyone think that the title credits music is totally inappropriate for episodes like this?  It’s […]

Top 25 TV Family Dynamics

They are in a very very vague order of preference.  Very vague because I love them all for different sorts of reasons and obviously they jump up the list, if I happen to be marathoning that particular show.  I mean the Top 10, especially, are all real favourites. 25. Michael Scofield/Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break) When I […]