NCIS: Los Angeles: 6×11 – Humbug

A nice lighthearted case, with the opportunity to see how Callen and Sam hide their real jobs from people in their lives. AND OMG DEEKS/KENSI ARE FINALLY TOGETHER FOR REALS AND HAVE THEIR FIRST KISS AS A COUPLE!!!!! Best Christmas episode ever!!! Advertisements

Rewatch: The West Wing Season 1

I was never won over by the Pilot.  The Newsroom and Studio 60‘s pilots captured my interest instantly but I remembered when I watched TWW the first time, it took me half a season to get into it properly. 1×01 – Best thing about the Pilot?  C.J.: Is there anything I can say other than […]

Rewatch: ER Season 2

Okay so when I marathoned the series the first time around, apparently I wasn’t too keen on Season 2 and deleted a lot of the episodes and only kept my favourites. 2.07 – Doug and the kids! Harper the medical student! Jerry’s “hi-tech” computer. LMAO. Modem? WOW. Cannabis lady! LOL! Carol playing computer games! Doug […]

Rewatch: ER Season 1

1.01 – Old school! Jerry! Timmy! Look at Susan’s hair!!! The instrumental music is really ~intense~. Lol. Gosh look at how old that waiting room is! Haha. The doctor’s lounge! The really badly made ID badges. Jennifer and Rachel! It’s been awhile since I thought about them!! I’ve always wondered about the lack of toilets […]

Chuck: 5×07 – Chuck Versus The Santa Suit

Chuck has clearly failed to live up to its potential this season which is a shame since this season was meant to be its AWESOME LAST SEASON. But it did deliver two episodes which need to be talked about: the first because it contained the funniest moment of the season and the second because it […]

Rewatch: Brothers & Sisters Season 1

1.01 – Kitty/Sarah. Rufus from Gossip Girl!!! Phone conversations galore! And this was back when Kitty/Nora didn’t get on. Also Kitty really can’t cook! Kitty/Justin! Hee mention of wine and drunkenness already! I am very disturbed by the way Kevin eyes-up Justin in the scene in the kitchen when Justin was in his underwear. The […]

Friday Night Lights: 5×13 – Always

Friday Night Lights series finale: Most epic use of montage EVER.  Has a show ever gone that long without dialogue before???  And then when there was dialogue it was like one sentence … back to montage, therefore a quarter of the episode was just background music with some beautiful camera work. Love the beautiful promo […]

Rewatch: Studio 60

I totally didn’t give this show enough credit when I watched it the first time around. I think there were bits of it that I did really really love but the rest I just watched because of the cast?  Then of course there was that massive hiatus and by the time the second half aired, we […]

CSI:NY: 6×11 – Second Chances

My God Lindsay was actually IN this episode and she, you know, had lines and interaction with her husband.  It MUST be Christmas. I love Train and I love Pat Monahan’s solo album even more. (A couple of years ago I was so obsessed with Pat’s Last of Seven that I completely overplayed it and had […]