11 Songs that I will always and forever associate with Chuck

  11. Huey Lewis – Do You Believe In Love Watch SceneHee, I can’t watch this with a straight face. Out of all the “slow motion “Sexy Sarah” sequences, I think this is my favourite. 10. Band Of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You Watch Scene Any scene with Matt Bomer in is a […]

Chuck: 5×08 – Chuck Versus The Baby

Remember when Chuck used to do awesome stand alone episodes before it got so involved with the Fulcrum/Ring/Shaw/Decker arcs?!?!  We need more stand alone episodes.  However, I am intrigued as to what the final story arc is and what big bad baddie the show is going to have to take us up to the finale? […]

Chuck: 5×07 – Chuck Versus The Santa Suit

Chuck has clearly failed to live up to its potential this season which is a shame since this season was meant to be its AWESOME LAST SEASON. But it did deliver two episodes which need to be talked about: the first because it contained the funniest moment of the season and the second because it […]

Chuck: 5×04 – Chuck Versus The Business Trip

My favourite episode of Chuck so far this season! You always know it’s too easy when they catch the bad guy and there’s still half an episode to go. That’s how I knew that the bartender was just a red herring. I love it when Buy More / spy life gets mixed up. The whole […]

Chuck: 5×01 – Chuck Versus The Zoom

Remember when I said at the end of last season that I’m not keen on this whole “Morgan has the Intersect” thing? Well, that still stands but it was a lot more bearable than I thought it would be. For a start, it was nice how he was more concerned about how Chuck felt about […]

Chuck: 4×24 – Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger

Okay, call me confused but I thought the device was meant to kill someone almost instantaneously?  Wouldn’t Sarah be dead before they got her into a bath of ice cubes (I gather that slows down the effect of the device?)?  Oh wait, we’re not really meant to be too concerned with the semantics are we? […]

Chuck: 4×22 – Chuck Versus Agent X

I don’t even know where to start!  How about the Las Vegas / Las Vecas thing?  I found that legitimately funny.  Pure magic!  The tone of the comedy in this show exactly suits what I like and that’s why I love it so.  Sidenote: I love the camera angles in this episode, for example when […]

Chuck: 4×21 – Chuck Versus The Wedding Planner

I’m catching up with a few back-logged episodes of Chuck now that I know I don’t have to savour them as the last episodes ever and I just reached 4×21 which has to be the best episode we’ve had in a long time. It’s good to have a 100% light-hearted episode now and again and […]

Top 25 TV Family Dynamics

They are in a very very vague order of preference.  Very vague because I love them all for different sorts of reasons and obviously they jump up the list, if I happen to be marathoning that particular show.  I mean the Top 10, especially, are all real favourites. 25. Michael Scofield/Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break) When I […]

Chuck: 4×15 – Chuck Versus The CAT Squad

How is it possible that Chuck can keep just getting better and better?  I mean every episode sends me into a flailing fit.  And it’s getting funnier.  This week’s opening sequence with the fake-ad for the CAT squad?  LMAO. And Chuck/Sarah defy all precedent in that I actually love them the same amount if not more […]