Criminal Minds Season 13 Cast

There are quite a few shows I have still not finished from the 2016/2017 season and Criminal Minds is one of them. However, if there’s one thing Criminal Minds can be guaranteed to bring over the summer hiatus is some cast shake-ups!Β  Remember Mandy Patinkin suddenly disappearing?Β  Remember when TPTB fired Paget and AJ only […]

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 2×13 – The Ripper Of Riga

🌟🌟🌟½ The International Response Team travels to Russia when an American ballerina is kidnapped, and Jack tangles with an ex-KBG agent who escaped from prison. Last episode had a Yeti and this episode has a clown.Β  Not a great start. Given everything in the news, there is a certain amount of irony that this episode […]

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 2×12 – Abominable

🌟½ The International Response Team searches for the killer of a woman on a yoga retreat in Nepal, and Monty goes on his first international mission with the team. Whilst I have enjoyed this season as a whole, unfortunately I think episodes like this only support the network’s decision to cancel this show. I am […]

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Cancelled at CBS

Of course Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders would be cancelled now that I’m finally getting into it …. It wasn’t like they could cancel it after Season 1 when I really wasn’t into it, they had to wait until I was quite a bit invested in Gary Sinise and his team.Β  Sigh.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 2×11 – Obey

🌟½ When the body of an American singer is found on a rural road in the blue mountains of Jamaica, the International Response Team is called to investigate. Worst episode of the season so far. Episodes where the perp commits his crime because of the voices in his head are one of my least favourite […]

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 2×10 – Type A

🌟🌟🌟½ The International Response Team is called to Taipei when it appears that an American committed a crime that’s similar to an unsolved case in New York. The case of an American serial killer in Taiwan wasn’t of particular interest to me but this episode brought in one of the best backstory arcs of this […]

Criminal Minds: Beyond Border: 2×09 – Blowback

β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… The International Response Team is investigated by the FBI after a mission in Kurjikistan results in the death of a suspect. Aka the episode where Monty kicked verbal kickass. I’ve never been a massive fan of his but he really won my respect in this episode.Β  In fact the show as a whole has […]

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 1×13 – Paper Orphans

When the daughter of an American family visiting Haiti to adopt a child is kidnapped, the International Response Team travels to the island nation to try to find her. Also, Jack and his wife, Karen, prepare to send their daughter to college. I was really excited about this spinoff from Criminal Minds, mainly because of […]

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: 1×01 – The Harmful One

For someone who was not keen on the first Criminal Minds spinoff (to put it lightly), you would think that I definitely wouldn’t be looking forward to the second but weirdly enough that isn’t the case. When “Suspect Behaviour” came along, Criminal Minds was still going strong and there was also all that awful stuff […]