Chicago Fire: 6×01 – It Wasn’t Enough

🌟🌟🌟 The sixth season opens with most of the squad still trapped inside the burning warehouse fire. Chief Boden makes a risky last-minute decision in an effort to save his men. Dawson continues to deal with her father, who has new plans for himself. Brett’s childhood friend Hope visits the Windy City and strikes the […]

Parenthood: 6×13 – May God Bless and Keep You Always

In the excitement of her big day, Sarah surrounds herself with the original Braverman clan. Meanwhile, Hank approaches Zeek for his blessing and asks Drew for a special favor. Amber adjusts to life as a new mom with a little help from her grandparents. Julia and Joel get a phone call that forces a life-changing […]

NCIS: Los Angeles: 6×11 – Humbug

A nice lighthearted case, with the opportunity to see how Callen and Sam hide their real jobs from people in their lives. AND OMG DEEKS/KENSI ARE FINALLY TOGETHER FOR REALS AND HAVE THEIR FIRST KISS AS A COUPLE!!!!! Best Christmas episode ever!!!

NCIS: Los Angeles: 6×05 – Black Budget

This episode had the right mix of humour and action.  Sam and Callen’s interactions with the Mexican family were hilarious!  The plot was interesting and there were lots of bullets flying.  I liked that Granger came to save the day and that it wasn’t the real Delta team committing fraud.

The Mentalist: 6×22 – Blue Bird

“You’re right. I have forgotten how to act like a normal human being. And I play games and I lie and I trick people to avoid the truth of how I feel. And the idea of letting anyone close to me is terrifying for obvious reasons, but the truth, Teresa, is that I can’t imagine […]

The Mentalist: 6×20 -Il Tavolo Bianco

Oh the Jane/Lisbon tension! The dinner, that scene at the end …..  “I want you to know, I really want you to be happy.” I really like Pike but of course Jane/Lisbon is where my heart lies.  I love that Abbott is blatantly shipping Jane/Lisbon.

The Mentalist: 6×16 -Violets

A nice light-hearted episode which was interesting from start to finish and full of Jane/Lisbon moments (and speculation from other characters whether they are/aren’t a couple).  Loved them going undercover as a couple and Lisbon getting a legit love-interest to make Jane jealous.

The Mentalist: 6×07 – The Great Red Dragon + 6×08 – Red John

Wow, and so the Red John arc finally draws to a close.  I haven’t been obsessed with the show in years so I couldn’t tell you if the resolution really does tie up every loose end and fits with all the info we’ve been given before.  However, it was definitely a deserving conclusion.  The showdown […]

Criminal Minds: 6.24 – Supply & Demand

KEVIN!  Was wondering when we were going to see him again!  Glad to see he and Garcia are still together and no one felt the need to break them up just because they’ve been together for 3 seasons. I also like that Gideon gets a mention now and again.  Some shows just like to deny […]