Criminal Minds: 8×24 – The Replicator

I know the fandom doesn’t like Strauss but I honestly never minded her and thought she was okay as a boss. The Hotch/Strauss scene Nice that Prentiss got a mention. Oooh the Replicator reveal. Well, I thought it was handled well. Although I’m sorry that Strauss had to die, it was nice character work bringing […]

Criminal Minds: 8×08 – The Wheels on the Bus…

This episode was amazing! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Definitely the best episode we’ve had in awhile, and it was especially surprising because the focus of the episode was on the hostages and the hostage takers, more than on the BAU team. They absolutely nailed the casting with the kids by making […]

CSI:NY: 8×18 – Near Death

I found the scene between Mac and Claire in the empty lab corridor really really melodramatic. Melodrama has its place – in Grey’s Anatomy, not in a procedural crime drama. In fact the whole episode was just …. I don’t know, trying too hard? I mean I liked the structure with the flashforwards and backwards […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×24 – Flight

Faced with a life threatening situation, the doctors must fight to stay alive while trying to save the lives of their peers; Bailey and Ben make a decision regarding their relationship; and Teddy is presented with a tempting offer. Meanwhile, Richard plans a special dinner for the residents. DEAR GOD THIS FINALE IS ACTUALLY REAL […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×23 – Migration

Holy mother of freaking God – the promo for the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. WTF?!?!  I can’t even. If I am calculating this correctly, the only people on that plane who are the “options” are Mark, Lexie and Arizona, right? WTF?!?!  I am actually glad that Teddy isn’t an option otherwise I will be […]

CSI:NY: 8×14 – Flash Pop

I loved this episode! Yes, really. The fact that Spencer Grammer and Aaron Hill both from Greek guest-starred helped (even if that meant I went into the episode thinking that one of them had to be the murderer, and probably Spencer) but the whole episode was fantastic. I loved the way they flashed back and […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×19 – Support System

Did anyone else think it was really awful the way that Bailey, Arizona and Callie treated Teddy in the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy? I mean I know it was meant to be funny and it was at the start (although I expected better from Bailey), then I was glad that Arizona shouted at Callie […]

Grey's Anatomy: 8×13 – If/When

This episode was perfect! Things which I loved the most: – Alex/Meredith. Hee I love that in alt-reality they would have been a thing because I love their relationship in normal-verse and they are just about the only 2 male/female characters on the show who have never had a ~thing~. I hated that he cheated […]